Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

Dapatkan hp gratis ato, MP3 gratis, ato PS/OX gratis

Guys,,,mau nyoba dapet HP gratis? ato mMP3 gratis? ato PS/OX gratis...??

Coba ini aja deh..ga rugi2 amat...ga ngeluarin duit juga, paling cuma listrik sama internet dikit..lumayan lah..namanya juga usaha..
nanti kalo ternyata gw dapet, nanti gw bagi2 ceritanya..hehe..

Begini caranya Caranya:
1. masuk aja ke sini :


2. Trus sign up (gratis kok)

3. isi refferal number dgn 92374932 ,

itu refferal number gw. Nanti akan ada email konfirmasi ke email kamu yg jg ngasih refferal number buat kamu. Makin byk temen yg kamu ajak bergabung makin byk point yg kamu dpt dan ketika kamu dapetin jumlah point yg sesuai dgn hadiah / hp atau mechandise yg
kamu minta, bakalan dikirim tuh Hp ke alamat kamu..Beneran!

sbg contoh, nokia 8800 Sirocco nilainya 55 point, jd kalo kamu bisa ajak 55 temen buat register aja, dpt deh tuh Hp.. asik kan, Gratis ga pake bayar...!
Coba deh, ga ada ruginya kan .. ga bayar sama sekali kok!
cepet pula..hehehe. .

Gud luck all..

atau kalo mau tanya saya juga bisa di uyenrich@freedom.com mudahan saya bisa bantu..

Jumat, 12 Juni 2009

PureNRG - Life My For You, barat

Contains PureNRG ama "girl" Pretty-Pretty reply reply fully dedicate himself to sing for the Lord Jesus Christ. Oh well, there ama yg cool "PureNRG" This lho ..., that is, they reply back again on stage or Spiritual Concert. Usually before they sing first heating, whether it's a small exercise or stretch out his arms or legs. ....,

The reason, of course wrote because every time they live, always start with SAALTOOOO ... ...., Well., Well ..., well cool. And how come salltoo girl like that ... well, well. Losing dong aq. Hi hi hi ....,

Well, this time those who have an album titled "360 Degrees". Hem ..., 360 degrees Kok well. Yes, Lovable. Dong, a mean of 360 degrees is a drastic change to the beautiful reply through our Lord. So, you met dengarin aja yah ...., And all worship songs they wrote this dinyanyiin ama, can carry a different nuance of music yg buat temen-temen. You see, music is a stretcher made out Spirit wrote the song really excited and a little bit Fungky, yes, Itung-Itung. A young singer really ..., well, ABG styles little dong. Ah, right aja yah, yah its dengarin you. Just PureNRG seru banget deh ....,

Singer: PureNRG

Album: Life My Life For You

Genre: Rock Punk

Category Song: Praise, Praise Spirit

Origin: United States

Title : Life My For You

by : PureNRG



03.It’s Still Love

04.Live My Life For You

05.One Word




09.This Madness

10.Thy word

11.What If

12.When I get to Heaven


Albert AFI Junior, indon 2008

Artistic talents possessed may be Fakdawer Albert inherited from his father. The reason is, the father, Mus Fakdawer, had joined the band Black Brother, the 70 years ago. Mus music is introduced early on to seven hearts. So no wonder if Albert is smart to sing and also plays guitar and piano when he was not sitting on the bench Elementary School. Albert achievements include: Winner II Indosiar Fantasy Academy, Main Actors FFI Best Male 2006 (film Denias, chanting in Atas Awan) and the New Immigrants Best Actor Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 (movie Denias, chanting in the Clouds).

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Hari Hidupku
Sentuh Hatiku
Gerakan Allah
Kau Mengerti
Embun Pagi
Kurindu Selalu
Slamanya di Hati
River of Love
Kami Perlukan Kau Tuhan
Tinggal Serta-Ku

Encounter Worship barat 2007

Encounter is a passionate team of worshippers with a heart to lead people into the throne room of God through our worship. We believe that as we begin to worship God, His presence fills the place and we can have an exciting, intimate encounter with him. It is the most amazing experience to have God speak directly to your heart! We desire to be close to God’s heart, and seek after him with all of ours. We also desire to share our love and passion for God with the world, and ignite that same fire in the hearts of those we minister to. Encounter is led by worship leaders Travis and Brandee Klassen, and is a ministry of Wind Word Ministries.

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Beautiful News
Happy Day
You Are
From The Inside Out
I've Found A Love
Blessing Honour
Great And Glorious
We Must Go
Mighty To Save
I Will Choose To Praise U
Living For Your Glory
Jesus Meet Me
My Soul Yearns
Sweetly Broken
Track 17
Track 18

Worth Dying For barat 2007

Worth Dying For: Sounds like … the modern worship of Hillsong United, Desperation Band, or Generation Unleashed with a slightly heavier rock edge influenced by Skillet, Evanescence, and Fireflight. At a glance … though born out of a very passionate and thriving youth worship community, Worth Dying For fails to deliver enough substance and originality on their debut to rank with more influential bands in the modern worship genre.

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Let It Out
Die To Live
Consume Me Now
All We
At Your Cross
My Only One
Take Me
Lose Myself
The Change