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Edward Chen: Oriental Worship 2 2007

Edward Chen is a Christian Musician that quite focusing himself in singing a Chrsitian Mandarine music genre, which is the type of genre in Christian Music that doesn’t sell. Even though he is a new comer, hist first debute album able to sell 80.000 copies. In Christian Music history of Indonesia, Edward Chen was able to make a record of selling the most copies in his first debute album. By the grace of the Lord, he is not only gaining a success in selling a lot of copies, but a lot of people had been strengthen, blessed, and even those who haven’t receive Jesus got touched and receive Jesus Christ as their saviour during his first debute album.

Up until now, all Mandarin and Indonesian Music Album that had been released by Edward Chen are succesful, because it’s getting a good response from his listener. All those albums had been played in seculer and Christian radio station in Indonesia, they are also being played during Mall & Cafe events. Even his video clip that was taken from Praise and Worship Mandarin (PW Mandarin) Edward Chen 1 and All About Love album has becoming a collection of MTV Asia and Local TV in nation. His debute in Chrsitian Music is no longera new comer, because he is able to release a couple solo albums that are becoming best-seller.

Edward Chen also involved in the making of other Christian albums and he also played an important role in Tour Konser 8 Kota, Jeffry S. Tjandra; IPWS Concert in Malang with YouthLive Hillsong, Riverview Church (Australia), Adon ”Base Jam”, Eka Deli, Franky Sihombing, Bobby ”OW”; Konser HELO Indonesia in Istora Senayan with Once ”Dewa”, Judika ”Idol”, Lita Zein, SPARX, Jacklien Cellose. Edward Chen involve by filling in a Live TV Borobudur Semarang program with Grace Simon, Utha Likumahua, and Eka Deli. He is not only ministry in Indonesia, Edward Chen who often being called as EC is also ministry Internationally; such as, EC often go back and forth and filling in Christian entertainment in Malaysia and Singapore, EC also tried to make some time in visiting Beijing, the city where he learn his favorite language.

Other than in Chrsitian Entertainment, EC also involved in seculer entertainment industry in Indonesia with his first seculer album called All About Love. His success had brought him into ANTV Oriental Night Valentine 2004 edition program with Katon Bagaskara, Dea Mirella, Tere, Alena and Ronny Sianturi. On February 19-23 2005, EC was trusted in filling in a program with Taiwanese and Vietnamese artists. Because of that event, indirectly EC had placed himself on the same level with top artist of Taiwan such as TORO, F4, 5566, Leon Lai (Hongkong) dan Andy Lau who often filled those program as well. He is not only involving in Asian entertainment industry, but he went abroad to United States with several concert tour during Thanksgiving celebration in California, New York, Houston, Austin, Oklahoma, and San Francisco. EC had been to Australia with Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong to participate in the crusade that is located in Sydney and Perth. EC is still making his appearance by releasing his new albums and video clips to put his name on the list of music entertainment industry in Indonesia and international.

Launched on June 2007, this album is a sequel from the first Oriental Worship album, named as Oriental Worship 2.

  1. Allahku Slalu Turut Bekerja download
  2. Be Thou my Vision download
  3. Bila Kau Yang Membuka Pintu download
  4. MencintaiMu download
  5. Mujizat Itu Nyata download
  6. Pujian Sejati download
  7. Seharusnya Kau Datang download
  8. Sperti Yang Kau Ingini download
  9. Tangan Kuat download
  10. What a friend we have in Jesus download

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