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GMB - Worship Project

Giving My Best, known as GMB, is an Indonesian Christian Band, consisting of six people. Their first album released at the 1996 titled Kub’ri Yang Terbaik. The newest album released 2007 is Life Is Calling.

In 1996, a group of young musicians and singers gathered for a project tentatively called ..Youth Ministry... The project was to make a live recording concert for the youth of Indonesia. During that period, there were no youth ministry events happening in Indonesia and this group of young people felt the hunger and need to give their best to the Lord through their talents.

In April 1996, with the then ..unknown.. worship leader, Sidney Mohede, Keyboardist Pongky Prasetyo, Joseph Djafar, Darana, bassist Rensis Wenas, drummer Amos Cahyadi, percussionist Adi Prasodjo, other top musicians and no less than 18 (!!) backing vocals (including Jeffry S. Tjandra, Viona Paays, Sammy Mandik and Farah Pattisalamauw who are some of the best worshippers in Indonesia) joined together for a historical live recording concert at the Red Top Hotel in Jakarta, entitled ..Giving My Best.. (Kuberi Yang Terbaik). And as writers often said,.... and the rest is history... Their first album become one of the best selling praise and worship album in Indonesia..s history.

Though they never had a name other than calling themselves ..a youth ministry.. at the time, fans of the album began calling these group of young people ..GMB or ..Giving My Best.. (taken from the name of the album), an after a while the name stuck, and so GMB .. Giving My Best .. was born.

Over the years, what started as a young people..s music movement took a different direction as God began to filter the personnel of GMB. One by bone, some of the original musicians began to pursue other ministries and become some of today..s top music producers and arrangers. Sidney, Pongky, Amos dan Adi remained faithful to GMB..s vision and mission and began recruiting talented musicians such as Daniel Sigarlaki (guitar) and Jeffry Hermanto (bass). GMB also collaborated with some of the nation..s inspiring musicians such as Dewa Budjana (Gigi) Hendry Lamiri (violinist) and DJ. Tius (Saint Loco).

In 2006, GMB will be celebrating their 10th Year together as a band, with seven albums (and more in 2005 and 2006). In the last 10 years, their ministry and music have taken them to lead worshippers in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States to worship God with passion and power. Just as the title of their album declare, truly ..Nothing is Ever Impossible.. through God who is living in GMB..s heart, music and ministry, the best is yet to come!!

After 12 years as the frontman and lead vocal for the band Giving My Best, Sidney Mohede resigned the position on January 2008, to focus his ministry more on Oxygen, JPCC and his family.

  1. Kub’ri Yang Terbaik - 1996
  2. Mereka Perlu Kasih Tuhan - 1997
  3. Sekarang !!! - 1998
  4. Rise Up - 1999
  5. Follow - 2001
  6. Atmosphere - 2003
  7. Nothing Is Ever Impossible - 2004
  8. Worship Project - 2005
  9. The Best Is Yet To Come - 2006
  10. Life Is Calling - 2007
  11. Stand Out - 2008
And here's the Worship Project (2005)
  1. Track01 [download]
  2. Track02 [download]
  3. Track03 [download]
  4. Track04 [download]
  5. Track05 [download]
  6. Track06 [download]
  7. Track07 [download]
  8. Track08 [download]
  9. Track09 [download]
  10. Track10 [download]
  11. Track11 [download]
  12. Track12 [download]
  13. Track13 [download]
Enjoy !!

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