Jumat, 22 Mei 2009

Shine Like Star - True Worshippers 200

Matt 5:14, We are the Light of the World! Since its live recording day, the album has been a phenomenon. Having sung out in churches through out Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, the album is the highest requested one. With a message of building a generation of stars, this album would challenge the worshippers to dream big and equip themselves the gospel in order to conquer the world. Songs of the album include the theme song Shine Like Stars, Hatiku Percaya (My Heart Believes), Uncomparable God and many more. Join the group in overwhelming worship experience and await tomorrow with hearts full of hopes.

  1. Nyanyi Bagi Dia [download mp3]
  2. Hidupku Takkan Sama [download mp3]
  3. Bersinar Bagi-Mu [download mp3]
  4. Shine Like Stars [download mp3]
  5. Uncomparable God [download mp3]
  6. Hanya Kau [download mp3]
  7. Yesus Kekuatanku [download mp3]
  8. This Is My Life [download mp3]
  9. Kau Dambaanku [download mp3]
  10. Hatiku Percaya [download mp3]
  11. Shine Like Stars - Reprise [download mp3]
  12. Hanya Kau [download mp3]

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